Project IGI 1 Free Download Full Version For PC


Download here.Download igi 1 iam going in download full version .IGI game download fro pc full version compressed.ripped version igi 1 game. IGI 2 Download.igi one download david jhones igi 1 project igi 1 download full version compressed.IGI project im going in .igi 1 download mediafire. igi one original version real game.igi 1 complete version download compressed.torrent download.

Recommended System Requirements For IGI 1 :
1--:OS: Windows XP or SP3 or Vista or Windows 7.
2--:CPU: Intel p3 or p4 or higher.
3--:RAM: 256mb for XP 
4--:HDD: 1 GB free disk space.
5--:Graphics: 64MB Graphics Memory.
6--:Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible.
7--:DirectX: Version 9.0.

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King ameer
King ameer

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